Our Purpose


Our mission is to provide advanced counseling services to help children, adolescents,  adults and families reach their fullest potential at home, work, school, and in the community.


We will be a leader in the community providing advanced therapeutic services to individuals and families focusing on creating a healthy body, mind, and soul.


We are committed to providing therapeutic services in accordance to our beliefs in: health, inspiration, support, and trust.



We believe in the POWER of therapy to foster growth and change.

We operate with INTEGRITY (support, health, trust, and inspiration) in all aspects of our business.

We take PRIDE in the client-therapist relationship.

QUALITY OF CARE is the most important aspect of our business and the number one responsibility to providing effective services.

Our LICENSED PROFESSIONAL COUNSELORS are essential in our success and we will provide opportunities for continuing education and training.

We abide by the NASW code of ethics.

We will be actively supportive in the betterment and improvement of the COMMUNITY where we provide services.